Interview with Dr. Deschamps-Braly, Transgender Women’s Favourite Surgeon

September 10, 2018

ICYMI: Dr. Deschamps-Braly’s interview in the London Times Magazine

The Times, June 16 2018

“In the bright light of a San Francisco operating theatre, a surgeon in blue scrubs, orange clogs and green plastic gloves sits on a stool with his arms folded, his left leg bouncing to the Velvet Underground track on the stereo and his eyes trained on a sedated patient strapped to …

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The Story of a Trans Woman’s Face

March 29, 2018

facial feminization

Image credit: The New Yorker Magazine

The Story of Our Patient’s Facial Feminization Was Featured in The New Yorker Magazine

“Abby Stewart sometimes thought that she was born to be a teacher. At the small college in Colorado where she was an instructor in the biology department, she enjoyed preparing lectures for business or history …

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Surgery With World Class Instruments

March 25, 2016

STILLE Instruments: Setting a High Standard

STILLE Instruments are the highest quality surgical instruments available in the world. They are created to provide the sharpest, most precise cutting while reducing surgical hand fatigue. Based in Sweden, STILLE has been developing and creating leading edge medical devices since the 1800s.

The Importance of Quality Instruments

Dr. Deschamps-Braly could be described as a perfectionist. …

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Jennifer Fick Joins Office

April 20, 2015


We’re proud to announce Jennifer Fick, RN, as the newest addition to our clinical team. Jennifer has been a registered nurse for over 20 years with previous experience in cardiology, geriatrics and medical detox services.

She has provided personalised and successful cosmetic procedures to thousands of patients across the Bay Area.

“With over 16 years of experience in the medical cosmetic industry, my approach …

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