Feminizing Rhinoplasty (Nasal Reduction & Reshaping)

The Differences Between Male and Female Noses

The shape of the male nose is usually larger and more angular than the female nose. The bridge of the nose may also be wider and straighter, while in comparison women’s noses are narrower with the nasal tip typically pointing upwards. These differences may appear subtle to the casual eye, but they all constitute the distinguishing characteristics of gender. To make the male nose appear more feminine, it needs to be reshaped and refined. Patients undergoing a rhinoplasty for facial gender confirmation will benefit from a surgeon who not only performs a rhinoplasty skillfully, but can also do so within the context of a truly feminized forehead. The biggest challenge with feminizing the male nose is ensuring that it retains aesthetic harmony with all other existing or newly feminized facial features. It is critical that your “new nose” still looks like you, and also that it is aesthetically in balance with the rest of your facial structure.

How does Feminizing Rhinoplasty create a more “Female” Nose?

Feminizing rhinoplasty reduces the size of the nose and alters its shape and profile to make it appear more feminine. This result is achieved by narrowing and/or altering the nose internally, and/or reshaping and moving the nasal cartilage. The real skill in the procedure is for the surgeon to have an appreciation and deep understanding of the aesthetic qualities of what constitutes a truly “female” nose, so that the patient can achieve their goal of facial gender confirmation.

Feminizing Rhinoplasty

The Artistry of Rhinoplasty for Facial Gender Confirmation

One of the most common facial gender confirmation surgeries we perform is the revision of another surgeon’s work. The art of rhinoplasty surgery is an extremely delicate process, regardless of gender, and it is also one of the most difficult plastic surgery procedures to undertake successfully. Read more about rhinoplasties here.

How is Feminizing Rhinoplasty performed within Facial Gender Confirmation?

Within the context of facial gender confirmation surgery, a feminizing rhinoplasty is almost always performed at the same time as forehead feminization and hairline lowering. This is because if would you alter the hairline, the forehead, and the brows, without also altering the nose, the end result would not be aesthetically balanced. That is why we nearly always recommend a feminizing rhinoplasty within the cluster of surgical procedures included in facial gender confirmation.