A thorough consultation is the most important part of the surgical process.

We meet all new patients in person at our San Francisco clinic. Consultations may only be scheduled over the phone. Privacy concerns dictate that we do not respond to social media or other forms of online inquiries. We require a non-refundable scheduling fee at the time of booking the appointment. Should you need to reschedule your appointment, four weeks’ notice is required to avoid an additional fee.

New patients who are considering craniofacial (facial skeleton) surgery are required to have specialized radiographs performed immediately before the consultation. This is done at a location close to our office, and we organize this appointment for you at the time of booking your consultation. There is an additional fee for this that is payable directly to the laboratory. Radiographs are necessary in order to generate the surgical plan. Forgoing these radiographs is not an option. Regular x-rays from your local clinic are not a substitute for the radiographs we require.

At the end of your consultation, we will generate a proposal outlining the costs involved with the proposed procedure. The scope of surgery is dictated at the time of your consultation, and therefore the office is unable to provide precise cost estimates over the phone.