Plastic Surgery - Overview

Plastic Surgery - Overview

US Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Deschamps-Braly is a US board certified plastic surgeon. His work as a plastic surgeon is underscored by his expertise as an Orthognathic and Craniofacial surgeon with training in Paris, Zurich and in the USA.

He has in-depth knowledge of, and expertise in, facial structures and facial skeletal analysis along with various techniques of facial rejuvenation, upper and lower jaw surgery, craniofacial surgery, and aesthetic facial skeletal surgery. This expertise allows for a wider range of techniques to address various issues, whether it is restoring a youthful face or restoring the face of a child or young adult with a congenital deformity.

Our Approach

You may notice that we don’t offer an “à la carte” menu of facial rejuvenation procedures. This is because we understand that you don’t age in an à la carte or piecemeal fashion, and therefore we won’t approach your treatment plan in that manner either.

In general, aging is a process that happens globally to the structures of the face. Without evaluating the entire face, looking at all the detailed nuances of individual expression, proportion, shape, balance of features, and how much volume has been lost over the years, one cannot truly offer first class surgery with the goal of restoring the face to a more youthful version of itself.

The number and complexity of the various plastic surgery procedures are numerous. Therefore, a customized and individualized treatment plan is generated for each of our patients — because no two patients are alike. So with that in mind, when you visit our office we will take into consideration your entire face to establish a comprehensive treatment plan that will include a multitude of factors — and ultimately work towards your optimum satisfaction and happiness.

Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

From our practice in San Francisco we offer the following plastic surgery procedures:

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