Lip Rejuvenation Revision

Corrective Lip Rejuvenation.

Lip rejuvenation can be performed several ways depending the shape of your lips and your desired results. The different surgical and non-surgical treatments available to achieve natural looking results include:

Why Is It Necessary to Sometimes Correct a Previous Lip Rejuvenation Procedure?

Depending on the initial treatment and when it was performed, there are some instances that necessitate revision or correction.

Before considering lip rejuvenation revision, it is important to note that corrective procedures can be more complex than the original one due to existing scar tissue or remaining fillers. For this reason, it is critical to discuss all procedures and concerns with an experienced Board Certified plastic surgeon.

Specific Problems That Necessitate a Lip Rejuvenation Revision Procedure.

As with any cosmetic surgery, there are many variables. Due to this, some patients find that they are unhappy with the results of the initial procedure. Common concerns are  “over filled” lips that give an unnatural “puffy” appearance, lumps, uneven texture, and asymmetries (one side of the lip is larger than the other).

When lip augmentation surgery first became popular, many surgeons used permanent implants for enhancement. Unfortunately, these implants give an artificial appearance, do not look or feel natural, and can alter or shift over time.

Lip rejuvenation revision, or corrective lip rejuvenation, can address these types of concerns and leave the patient feeling more confident about their appearance.

The Artistry of Lip Rejuvenation: What Makes for Beautiful Lips?

Beauty means different things to different people–some may prefer a fuller lip, while others find a more modest look more appealing. Although there is no right or wrong, it is imperative that the appearance of your lips balance with the overall structure of your face.

Dr. Deschamp-Braly, a highly qualified plastic and craniofacial surgeon, will look at the overall structure of your facial features and recommend the most appropriate procedure to help you achieve optimal, natural-looking results.

How Is Corrective Lip Rejuvenation Procedure Performed? Is It Different From a Standard Lip Rejuvenation Procedure?

Based on your individual case, your surgeon will recommend a specific procedure for corrective lip rejuvenation. Dr. Deschamp-Braly typically uses Restylane® dermal filler or fat grafting (fat transfer) for natural-looking enhancements. He also may recommend perioral dermabrasion and Botox injections to reduce the appearance of smile lines, smokers lines, and wrinkles around the mouth area.

As a result of a previous lip rejuvenation procedure, if you feel that your upper or lower lip is too large, or somehow disproportionate, he may recommend a lip lift or lip reduction.