Face Procedures

Aging is a process that happens globally to the structures of the face. Without evaluating the entire face, looking at all the detailed nuances of individual expression, proportion, shape, balance of features, and how much volume has been lost over the years, one cannot truly offer first class surgery with the goal of restoring the face to a more youthful version of itself.

The number and complexity of the various plastic surgery procedures are vast. Therefore, a customized and individualized treatment plan is generated for each of our patients — because no two patients are alike. So with that in mind, when you visit our office we will take into consideration your entire face to establish a comprehensive treatment plan that will include a multitude of factors — and ultimately work towards your optimum satisfaction and happiness.


The purpose of cosmetic surgery at the Deschamps-Braly Clinic is ultimately to help each of our patients realize an appearance which most closely matches their identity and meets their aesthetic goals.


A facelift is a relatively common cosmetic procedure that is designed to reduce skin laxity that occurs as a natural sign of aging. The modern facelift addresses all sagging tissues that result in an aged look, creating a youthful yet natural appearance.

Eyelid Surgery

Also called blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery modifies the eyelids and the area around the eyes in order to create a more youthful appearance, correct congenital defects, or create an upper eyelid fold or “double eyelid.”

Brow Lift

A brow lift, also known as “forehead lift” or “browplasty,” reduces wrinkles or sagging in the forehead and eyebrows. This results in a lifted, more youthful look.

Fat Transfer

Also called fat grafting or fat injection, fat transfer for the face is a more permanent alternative to lab-grown fillers. This procedure restores lost volume to certain areas or augments features such as the lips for a more ample appearance.

Stem Cells & Fat Grafting

Known as a stem cell facelift, this procedure rejuvenates the face without necessitating incisions. Stem cells are used to fill hollow areas of the skin and face, including marks such as acne scars, wrinkles, or sun damage. Fat and stem cells are collected from the patient’s own body, usually from areas such as the abdomen or thighs.


As the center of the face, the nose has a large impact on your facial symmetry and overall profile. Rhinoplasty, or a “nose job,” augments the nose to create a new shape that is more desirable for the patient and in balance with their facial features. Rhinoplasty can narrow the width, reshape the cartilage, or reduce the overall size of the nose.

Forehead Reduction

Forehead reduction is a procedure which is often chosen as a solution for a receding hairline. However, if you simply feel that your forehead is too large, this may also be a suitable procedure for you. Forehead reduction involves creating a small incision along the hairline, then moving scalp forward and suturing it into its new position.

Earlobe Reduction

Earlobe reduction and reshaping creates a natural-looking and aesthetically pleasing earlobe shape. This may be done to correct damaged or stretched earlobes as a result of wearing heavy earrings or “gauges,” from sagging skin due to aging, or damaged ears due to injury.

Cheek Enhancement

Cheek enhancement surgery serves to augment the shape and/or size of the cheeks. You may seek cheek enhancement for higher, more prominent cheekbones or to create a less rounded, “chubby” cheek shape. Cheek enhancement can be completed through fat transfer, implants, or other methods. 

Lip Rejuvenation

Lip rejuvenation includes many techniques to alter the shape or size of the lips. Some options for lip rejuvenation are dermal fillers, fat transfer, lip reduction, or perioral dermabrasion. Read more about your lip rejuvenation options here.

Upper Lip Lift

The upper lip lift procedure shortens the length between the top lip and the nose to create a fuller top lip and more pleasant resting expression. This is achieved by removing a small amount of excess skin below the nose using a small, inconspicuous incision.

Temple Lift

A temple lift is a less-invasive alternative to a brow lift and is performed with the purpose of lifting the outer corner of the brow for a more youthful, awake, and bright appearance.


Dermabrasion is also known as dermaplaning and is a non-invasive procedure which results in a brighter, youthful, and even complexion. Through dermabrasion, the upper layers of epidermis are removed, stimulating new collagen production and revealing a new surface layer. This is often chosen as a solution for age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, or acne scarring.

Lip Reduction

Lip reduction procedures create a more proportional lip size and shape. You may feel that your lips are naturally too large or that a previous lip augmentation has resulted in a “botched” appearance. In these cases, lip reduction surgery is a solution.