5 Features That Can Make Your Face Look Masculine

May 10, 2019

Have you ever thought: “How can I make my face look more feminine?”

It is quite common for women to feel that specific facial features may make their face appear too masculine. But when you consider the options for making your face look more feminine, it is important to consider all of your facial features and how they relate to each …

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Shock Hair Loss After Scalp Surgery

April 16, 2019

What is Shock Hair Loss? Is it Permanent?

By Dr. Sara Wasserbauer, Surgical Hair Restoration Specialist

Hair loss after surgery often termed “shock loss”, is the loss of hair after surgery. Procedures such as follicular unit hair transplantation, hairline lowering (AKA scalp advancement), or indeed any significant scalp surgery (especially those requiring general anesthesia) can cause this temporary shedding of hair. This condition …

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Can Women Have Receding Hairlines?

March 11, 2019

What is Female Pattern Hair Loss and How is it Different from Men?

Women with receding hairlines and or thinning hair are experiencing what is known as female pattern hair loss, a fairly common occurrence. The condition varies slightly from male pattern baldness but can have a much greater impact because of less forgiving social norms regarding the appearance of women in …

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How NOT To Choose Your Facial Feminization Surgeon

November 29, 2018

16 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing Your FFS Surgeon

Choosing the right plastic surgeon to perform your facial feminization surgery can be a confusing and overwhelming process, for trans and cisgender women alike. Like any major decision in your life, it pays to do thorough research before making your final choice, because choosing the wrong surgeon could entail significant consequences. An inexperienced …

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Lip Rejuvenation for Facial Feminization

November 7, 2018

Five Lip Procedures Recommended for FFS

The lips are one of the most prominent areas of the face and a primary point of direct focus during interpersonal communication and intimate human connection. As such, the mouth and the surrounding area provide major opportunities for individuals looking to rejuvenate and feminize their appearance.

Some of the most common procedures for feminizing the lips are …

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Non-Surgical Facial Feminization Treatments

November 1, 2018

Before Taking the Leap, You May Also Want to Explore Facial Feminization Without Surgery

If you’re considering facial feminization surgery you may also want to take a look at non-surgical, non-invasive facial treatments AKA “liquid facial feminization”. Of course, feminization without surgery will not produce the same dramatic results that surgical feminization will produce, but there are several facial treatments that will …

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Fat Transfer for Facial Feminization (FFS)

October 12, 2018

Fat Transfer for Facial Feminization (FFS)

Fat transfer (AKA fat grafting, fat injection, or lipofilling) is a popular surgical technique that is often used in facial feminization surgery. The procedure involves harvesting your body’s own fat cells, typically from your abdomen or inner thigh, and transferring them into facial areas such as under the eyes, into the lips, chin, or the cheeks, …

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Facial Feminization Surgery – A Complete Guide to FFS

September 27, 2018

Facial Feminization Surgery – A Complete Guide to FFS

Everything You Need to Know about FFS

Facial feminization surgery (FFS) includes a series of plastic and craniofacial surgical procedures designed to feminize the face. FFS is ideal for trans women and non-transgender women who want a more feminine facial appearance. These surgeries can reduce the size and shape of the forehead, alter and …

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Most Frequently Revised Facial Feminization Surgeries

September 26, 2018

Redoing Facial Feminization – the Four Most Frequently Revised Surgeries

Redoing Facial Feminization: Why is it sometimes necessary?

Facial feminization surgery is a highly complicated cluster of procedures that involve a lot of “moving parts”. And, like any plastic or craniofacial surgery that is performed for aesthetic purposes, sometimes the results fall short of patient expectations. In fact, 15% of all facial …

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Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery: Facial Feminization Surgery and Facial Masculinization Surgery

September 19, 2018

Facial Gender Confirmation Surgery: Facial Feminization Surgery and Facial Masculinization Surgery

Published in Clinics In Plastic Surgery, July 2018

“Facial feminization surgery was pioneered in the 1980s to provide options for trans women who were having difficulty with their outward appearance. This process presented a novel application of craniofacial surgery at the time. This text outlines the basic differences between male and female facial morphology, as …

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