What Cosmetic Concerns do Facial Masculinization Procedures Treat?

The outward appearance of a person offers important hints to others regarding one’s gender identity, personality, and more. Because of this, obtaining a more masculine facial appearance is an important treatment goal for many trans men. While some trans men are able to achieve traditionally male facial features with the use of hormone therapy alone, facial masculinization surgery (FMS) may be an effective option for those who would like to achieve a greater degree of masculinization.

While the decision to undergo FMS is a very personal one, trans men who do choose to undergo this procedure often experience improved self-esteem and improved self-image. At Deschamps-Braly Clinic, we perform a large array of facial masculinization procedures to help our patients meet their personal aesthetic goals. Read on to learn more about what procedures are often included in FMS.

Forehead Reshaping

The forehead is a vital facial feature, as it frames the entire face. Forehead reshaping, contouring, and reduction are effective solutions for adults who wish to achieve a more masculine facial appearance. Female foreheads are typically shorter than male foreheads, so lengthening this area to create a larger, more angular forehead can help patients to achieve the male appearance they desire. Surgical incisions will be created in the hairline to avoid visible scarring, so patients do not have to worry about unwanted visible scars.

Cheek Enhancement

Female and male cheeks also have various differences. Male cheeks are often more angular and chiseled, while female cheeks are more rounded and soft with prominent cheekbones that project further from the face. To create a more masculine appearance, the overall shape of the cheekbones will be shaped with cheek augmentation, cheek reduction, or fat transfer injections to become more angular. Dr. Deschamps-Braly also takes into account each patient’s ethnicity, as some ethnic groups tend to have larger cheek sizes, for the most natural-looking results.


A rhinoplasty is a nasal procedure to aesthetically enhance, shape, reconstruct or correct the form of the nose. To create a more masculine-looking nose, your nose may become larger and/or wider. However, this procedure is very individualized since the right size and shape of the nose also depend on the overall facial structure.

Chin Contouring

Male chins tend to be longer, wider, and have a squarer shape to them. Because of this, chin recontouring is a very effective way to create a more masculine, angular appearance. Dr. Deschamps-Braly will speak with you regarding your surgical options to achieve a more masculine chin.

Jaw Augmentation

Jaw augmentation, or mandibular augmentation, is a procedure to balance the appearance of your jaw with the rest of your face. To create a more masculine facial appearance, the overall width of the jaw is increased and more definition is provided between the lower face and neck. During jaw augmentation, an incision is created within the mouth through which implants are placed. Incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures.

Adam’s Apple Surgery

Female-to-male transgender individuals may expect to grow an Adam’s apple following testosterone therapy. However, this is not the case. If you do not already have an Adam’s apple, it will probably not grow larger with testosterone therapy alone. Adam’s apple implant augmentation is performed by creating a natural implant from cartilage taken from the rib cage. This new implant is then attached to the appropriate position to create a noticeable Adam’s apple.

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