Hair Transplants After Facial Feminization Surgery

July 20, 2019

How Hair Transplants Refine the Hairline after FFS

Your forehead makes up 35% to 40% of the surface area of your face, so it isn’t surprising that the forehead and hairline contribute strongly to the masculine or feminine appearance of your face.

A masculine forehead is typically longer, with the hairline sitting further back on the skull than in cisgender females. A receding …

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Jaw Contouring for FFS and Wisdom Teeth

July 15, 2019

Jaw Contouring for Facial Feminization Surgery and Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

If you are considering facial feminization surgery (FFS) and you haven’t had your wisdom teeth removed, we recommend an analysis of the state of your teeth and an integrated approach to any surgeries required.

Removing your wisdom teeth – or any other corrective surgery to your jaw – can impact the …

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Rhinoplasty and Facial Feminization: Which Comes First?

July 3, 2019

Like many people, transfeminine individuals often focus on their nose and might wonder if nose surgery (rhinoplasty) alone might be enough to give them the feminine appearance they are seeking.

It’s natural to want fast results so you can present your feminine self to the world as soon as possible. The masculine nose tends to be larger than that of a …

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