Preparing for Surgery

To ensure quality care, we require all potential patients to meet with Dr. Deschamps-Braly face-to-face in our San Francisco office. This allows us to create a detailed surgical plan based on an examination, radiographs, and thorough discussion of your goals and medical history.

Out of town patients should plan to be in the San Francisco area for a total of two weeks for surgery. We offer complimentary assistance for patients needing help with lodging, transportation, or meal reservations, etc.

We advise patients to wait 12 weeks in between surgeries, i.e. voice surgery, SRS, or any other elective surgeries. This includes before your surgery with us, as well as after.

For those that are currently receiving facial laser hair removal treatments, we strongly advise suspending these treatments one month prior to surgery and for three months following. This advice is not to be taken lightly.