Am I a Good Candidate for Pan Facial Rejuvenation (PFR)?

Pan Facial Rejuvenation Is Possibly the Right Solution for You If…

The ideal candidate for a pan facial rejuvenation (PFR) procedure is someone who is seeking a dramatic – and yet naturally beautiful – transformation. It’s perfect for those who want “everything done at once” rather than in separate surgical procedures (a “piecemeal” approach).

The most significant benefit of pan facial rejuvenation is that it considers the entire face, so, therefore, the end result will be much more harmonious and natural-looking than undertaking different procedures at different times. You will also benefit by less downtime, as all your surgery is completed in the one longer session, rather than several operations over an extended time frame.

But First, Do You Really Need Pan Facial Rejuvenation?

Before investing in pan facial rejuvenation (full facelift), it pays to explore all of your options, especially if you’re new to plastic surgery. Typically, pan facial rejuvenation is relatively extensive, and therefore you must be healthy. Smokers are not ideal candidates for these types of long-format surgical procedures.

The ideal candidate is someone who wants to have a comprehensive overhaul of their facial appearance, and also wants to avoid the type of “patchwork” results that may occur when operations focus on specific areas rather than the entire face. If this sounds like you, then you’re probably an ideal candidate for this type of plastic surgery.

Pan facial rejuvenation is quite extensive plastic surgery and often involves several surgical procedures performed during the single surgical session, including:

Ideal Age for Pan Facial Rejuvenation

Typically, we don’t consider the age of a person when recommending pan facial rejuvenation but the texture and quality of the skin–something that varies from individual to individual. We all have a different genetic predisposition to sun damage, wrinkles, skin elasticity, and other factors, not to mention lifestyle factors such as weight loss or gain, smoking, diet, etc. In short, everyone is different and ages at a different rate. However, that being said, most of our pan facial rejuvenation patients are typically between the ages of 40 and 70 years old.

Skin Condition and Quality

Ultimately, your skin’s condition will be determined in consultation with your surgeon. You will be provided with an honest appraisal of what outcomes are realistic and also any advice on non-surgical procedures that may enhance your results. For example, your skin’s texture may be enhanced with a microneedling or platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP).

Pan Facial Rejuvination

Overall Health

Please advise your surgeon of any existing or previous health conditions. Ideally, just like any surgery, you want to be in good general health for a pan facial rejuvenation procedure. If you have concerns about your health, please ask on your initial surgical consultation.