Facelift Surgery for Men, San Francisco Bay Area

Facelifts Are Not Just for Women Anymore.

Increasingly, men are seeking facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) in the San Francisco Bay Area to create a younger, more rejuvenated look. In fact, since 2010, facelifts for men have increased by 43% (ASAPS 2015). There are many reasons for this increase, one of them is that men are staying in the workforce longer and wanting to look their best amongst younger colleagues in a competitive marketplace.

Also, face lifting techniques have evolved dramatically in the last few years. Today’s facelift works deeper to literally “lift” the underlying facial structures – not just tightening of loose skin — to ensure a longer-lasting, more natural-looking result.

The Anatomy of a Male Face Is Quite Different From a Female Face.

If you’re male and considering a facelift, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your plastic surgeon should have an in-depth understanding of the aesthetic qualities, and anatomical craniofacial differences — and they are quite significant — between male and female faces, and their accompanying underlying bone structures.

Ideally, your surgeon should have a broad range of experience in performing facelifts for men as well as women. If a male facelift is not performed by surgeon who understands what constitutes a “male” face, the procedure may unintentionally “feminize” the face making it look too feminine or “puffy” — and worse still — like you’ve “had work done”.

A Well-performed Male Facelift Should Deliver the Following Benefits:

  • Maintain and enhance the rugged and masculine aesthetic qualities of the male face
  • Restore lost facial volume and eliminate “hollowed” areas
  • Eliminate excess fat or “sagging” skin to create a firmer, younger-looking appearance
  • Lighten up any “haggard” or sallow appearance
  • Produce natural-looking results so no one can tell you’ve “had work done” and you still look like “you” — and not someone else

Before we undertake any plastic surgery or nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, you will be given a thorough, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Deschamps-Braly at his office in San Francisco, to ascertain your needs and intended outcomes. But typically, the following are the the most common plastic surgery procedures we recommend to our male patients:

What Is the Ideal Age for a Male to Have a Facelift?

A common question we hear from our male patients is: “When is the right age for me to have a facelift?”. This is very hard for us to answer and will vary from person to person. Ultimately only you can answer this question, but in our experience, some men leave it too long when they would’ve benefited from having a facelift earlier rather than later. Typically, most of our male facelift patients range in age from 40+ through to mid-60’s.

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