Am I a Good Candidate for Brow Lift (Browplasty) Surgery?

How Do I Know If I’m an Ideal Candidate for a Brow Lift?

Your decision to have a brow lift (browplasty) or forehead lift is a highly personal one, and ultimately your plastic surgeon should be able to give you the right advice and guidance based on your desired aesthetic outcomes.

First, Do You Really Need a Brow Lift? Or Will Something Else Work Better?

The brows are intrinsically connected to several key dynamic features in the forehead and eye area. It is an area of great muscular activity involving several key features, so it’s important to understand if a brow lift is indeed what you need — or if another procedure (or combination of procedures) will bring you better results. For example, you may instead need eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or a temple lift to achieve the result you’re looking for.

Another critical aspect of any brow-related surgery is the height of your hairline and forehead. Your surgeon will take into consideration how the brows are positioned in relation to the hairline and whether the hairline may also need to be lowered. Read more about lowering the hairline and forehead reduction here.

Skin Condition and Quality

As we age it’s only natural that the facial skin begins to lose elasticity and start to sag and the skin around the eyes is no different. The corners of the eyes may develop crow’s feet. The eyebrows may start to sag downwards due to excessive skin. Fatty tissue may also gather either above or below the eyes. Vertical frown lines may appear between the brows making us look ‘sad’ or overly serious. The forehead develops horizontal wrinkles and fine lines. If you have any of these issues, you may be an ideal candidate for a brow lift.

A brow lift removes the excess skin and fat, lifts the forehead and brow upwards, and smoothes out the skin. However, if you also have wrinkles around the eyes or sagging eyelids, you may also consider eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) along with your brow lift.

For overall facial rejuvenation, to improve skin condition, you may also want to consider dermabrasion, or microneedling along with your brow lift to improve overall skin quality.

Overall Health

As with any type of surgery it helps to be in good overall health beforehand — and a non-smoker. If in doubt, please advise your surgeon of any preexisting medical conditions well in advance of surgery – it may make the difference between your ability to have a brow lift, or opt for less invasive, non-surgical rejuvenation.

Ideal Age

Most of our brow lift candidates are between the ages of 40 and 65. But the procedure may be performed on younger patients who may have a genetic disposition to a heavy brow or deep “worry lines” between the brows.

Less Invasive, Non-surgical Alternatives to Brow Lifts.

Before you consider a brow lift — or any other plastic surgery procedure — you may actually achieve your desired results with a less invasive procedure such as dermal fillers like Restylane®Botox® and Dysport® injectionschemical peels and/or facial dermabrasion. The science and techniques of various non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures have improved greatly in the last few years, to the point that many people try these non-invasive techniques before considering a facelift.

Read more about non-surgical facial rejuvenation here.

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