Adam’s Apple Surgery – Augmentation via Natural Implant

What is natural Adam’s apple implant augmentation?

Adam’s apple implant or augmentation surgery is a surgical procedure most commonly performed as a part of transgender plastic surgery – most specifically Facial Masculinization Surgery (FMS).

The procedure involves inserting a natural implant made from the patient’s own rib cartilage to increase the size of the Adam’s apple to make it appear more masculine.

How is an Adam’s apple augmentation performed?

Dr. Deschamps-Braly is the world leader in innovating new Adam’s apple techniques wherein the patient’s own bone cartilage is used to augment the new Adam’s apple.

The augmentation procedure involves a cartilage implant shaped from the patient’s own cartilage (usually from the rib cage) which is then shaped to augment the existing Adam’s apple.

The surgeon makes an incision throat under the chin, and then vertical muscles of the throat are separated to expose the Adam’s apple. The new Adam’s apple implant – made from rib cartilage – is then attached in the appropriate position on the existing Adam’s apple.

Who is an ideal candidate for Adam’s apple Implant?

Relatively healthy individuals who are transitioning from female-to- male (FTM) are ideal candidates for an Adam’s apple implant or augmentation surgery. However, the procedure may also be performed on cisgender males (male assigned male at birth) or females, wishing to appear more masculine.

Most commonly, FTM transgender individuals expect that the Adam’s apple will grow naturally to be come more “masculine” with testosterone therapy, but this is not the case, in fact if you do not already have a visible Adam’s apple, it probably will not grow bigger with testosterone therapy.

Most commonly this procedure is performed in combination with other facial masculinization procedures, to make the face and neck appear more masculine.

Depending on the desired outcome, an Adam’s apple implant is sometimes combined with Chin Augmentation or Jaw Augmentation to achieve an ideal balance of masculine facial features.

What can I expect after Adam’s apple surgery?

Minimal and localized swelling and bruising around the incision is the most common phase of recovery. Also, some mild discomfort with swallowing maybe experienced in the first few days after surgery.

Full recovery time may take about 2 weeks, although it may take longer depending on the health or pre-existing medical conditions of the patient.

Will there be any post-operative scarring on the throat?

A subtle fine line may be evident within the first few months, but this fades over the next 3 months. During this time you may use makeup to conceal the incision once any stitches or staples are removed.