Facial Masculinization Surgery (FTM Facial Surgery)

FTM Facial Masculinization: Masculinizing the Female Face

For some female-to-male (FTM) transgender people, testosterone therapy on its own may not be enough to masculinize the face. Depending on the proportions of your facial features, Facial Masculinization Surgery could be an effective adjunct to hormonal therapy. Facial Masculinization Surgery is a range of aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures that work to reshape female facial features to be more masculine.

Procedures for FTM facial masculinization include:

Is it safe to have my facial masculinization surgery done all at once? How long will the surgery take? And is it safe?

Most patients chose to do the entire facial masculinization surgery at the one session. This may take anywhere from 6-12 hours depending on your desired result and recommended set of surgical procedures. Undertaking multiple surgeries at the one time is very common within the context of facial masculinization and usually quite safe if you are reasonable healthy.

How long will recovery from my FMS surgery take?

You will stay the night in hospital under observation immediately after your surgery. Usually Dr. Deschamps-Braly will visit with you first thing in the morning on the day after your surgery. Initially, you will experience facial swelling and mild discomfort. However, because we will have taken steps to reduce your pain and swelling before you were operated on, these symptoms should subside rapidly. Read more about our pre-op pain relief strategies here.

Within about 10 days after your surgery most of the swelling and bruising will disappear. After approximately three weeks you should have full recovery and be able to resume your usual activities such as exercising. The results of your surgery will continue to improve over the next few months, with the final result being evident between six to twelve months.

Forehead Lengthening & Augmentation Surgery

Depending on your existing facial features, the forehead can be enhanced to make it appear more masculine with either lengthening and/or augmentation surgery.

While forehead lengthening surgery increases the distance between the brows and the hairline, forehead augmentation works to enlarge the forehead to more masculine proportions. Both procedures benefit those who wish to change a smaller, feminine forehead to appear more angular and masculine.

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Cheek Augmentation

Masculinizing cheek augmentation gives cheeks a more masculine shape and proportion. The procedure most often includes implants inserted in between the bone and the skin.

Depending on your existing features cheek augmentation may give your face a more angular, chiselled and masculine appearance.

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FTM Rhinoplasty (Nose Job / Nasal Surgery)

In the context of FTM Facial Masculinization surgery, rhinoplasty or nasal augmentation increases the projection and width of the nose to make it appear more masculine. The procedure may also include increasing the prominence of the bridge of the nose or altering its profile.

The art of rhinoplasty is critical when it comes to masculinizing the nose. Your surgeon needs to not only be highly skilled in the technical aspects of plastic surgery, but also possess an artistic “eye” to ensure that your new nose is in aesthetic harmony with other facial features.

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Masculinizing Chin Recontouring (Genioplasty)

Chin Masculinization increases the size of the chin in proportion to your existing features. This procedure is recommended for those with small, narrow and/or recessed “weak” chins, who wish for a stronger, more angular and masculine chin.

Although chin implants are sometimes be used, we believe that placing a foreign object into your body may be counterintuitive and may actually cause medical complications. A better option is to re-shape the underlying facial skeleton by altering or moving the actual chin bone.

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Jaw Augmentation & Contouring (Jaw Reshaping)

Jaw augmentation & contouring (also known as jaw reshaping) masculinizes the definition between the lower face and the neck by enlarging the margins of the jaw. Jaw contouring defines facial angles and masculinizes the proportions and width of the face.

Depending on your desired outcome, this is one of the few instances where we may recommend a manufactured implant inserted into the jaw as a part of augmenting (increasing the size) of the jaw. Jaw augmentation surgery involves placing a customized jaw implant onto the existing jawbone. Depending on your desired outcome, jaw augmentation is sometimes combined with Chin Augmentation using an osteotomy to achieve aesthetic harmony of facial features.

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FTM Adam’s Apple Surgery

The Adam’s apple located in the mid-thoracic area, is one of the most obvious physical differences between men and women. Surgery to create a prominent and masculine Adam’s apple is known as thyroid cartilage enhancement. The procedure can be performed under local anesthetic but most often it is undertaken with other surgical procedures so therefore it’s practical for the patient to be under general anesthesia.