Pan Facial Rejuvenation: Total Transformation

What is pan facial rejuvenation?

Pan facial rejuvenation is a type of facial plastic surgery that is aimed at full facial rejuvenation, or in other words, a full facial facelift. While this may seem like an extreme step for some, it actually has much greater benefits – and longer lasting results — than the more common “nip and tuck”, piecemeal approach to plastic surgery.

Pan facial rejuvenation considers the “whole face” – rather than just tweaking parts here and there, for a more harmonious, and natural looking aesthetically pleasing result. It also means that your plastic surgery is completed in one long session, rather than several surgeries over a longer period of time.

Which surgical procedures are involved in pan facial surgery?

Almost any plastic surgery procedure may be included in pan facial rejuvenation. The exact specific procedures that will end up being relevant to your face will be decided upon consultation with you and your surgeon. Every face is unique and ages in a unique way.

Pan facial surgery is completely a customized procedure that works in harmony with your facial features for a natural result. That’s why not all procedures will be relevant to you. After all, while you may want to look younger and refreshed, you will still want to look like “you” and not like you’ve obviously “had work done”.

The procedures that are most commonly included in pan facial rejuvenation may include any of the following surgical and non-surgical options:

Are you the ideal candidate for pan facial rejuvenation?

The ideal candidate for pan facial surgery is someone is in reasonably good health seeking a refreshed and more youthful appearance, and is ready for a dramatic – and naturally beautiful – transformation. It is also ideal for those who want “everything done at once” rather than in separate procedures.

How long does the procedure take? When will I see results?

Depending on your desired result the entire surgery may take between 6-10 hours depending on the exact procedures required.

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