How Kybella Helps a Double Chin

Tired of having a double chin? Kybella to the rescue!

What Causes Submental Fat (Double Chin)?

Submental fat, or “double chin” can be genetically inherited, caused by weight gain, or age. If someone is genetically predisposed to gain or hold fat in certain body areas, it likely will not matter how healthy or fit they are, the submental fat may persist. Often, despite exercise and weight loss, problem areas such as the double chin remain. Aging can be a factor, due to reduced collagen and elasticity and muscle tone. It is important to determine if the submental volume under the chin is due to fat accumulation or skin laxity, as the treatment options are quite different. Kybella can only treat fat that is in front of the muscles of the neck (pre-platysmal fat).

What is Kybella?

Kybella is the first injectable medication that permanently dissolves submental fat. It is composed of deoxycholic acid, a bile salt found naturally in the body that breaks down fats during the digestive process. When it is injected into the submental fat, it breaks down the fat cells, allowing the body to absorb the cell contents and metabolize them. The fat cells that are destroyed are gone, however, the remaining fat cells will continue to expand or shrink depending on lifestyle and diet.

What is the Kybella Treatment Process?

Since Kybella is a non-invasive injection treatment, the appointments are quick, and there is very little discomfort. Ice is applied before and after treatment for comfort and to reduce swelling. During the treatment, you may experience a burning sensation that subsides within a few minutes after treatment. After treatment, the treated area may feel numb and tender to touch but not painful. Occasionally bruising may occur but is manageable. Visible swelling is noticeable for about one week, with patients describing it as a “bullfrog” appearance. Swelling gradually dissipates with the effects of the treatment being fully realized about 8-10 weeks later.

Typically 2-4 treatments are required, and up to 6 may be necessary for some patients. Usually, 1-2 vials of Kybella are placed depending on the surface area requiring treatment. Treatments are spaced 6-8 weeks apart. A consultation and evaluation with Jennifer Fick, our board-certified aesthetic nurse practitioner,  is required to ensure you are a candidate for Kybella. She will provide you with the best treatment options, and a timeline in which you can expect results.

Schedule a Kybella Consultation

To learn more about Kybella and if you are a candidate, schedule a consultation at the Deschamps-Braly Clinic in San Francisco, California. Call our office at (415) 877-6585.

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