FAQs – Plastic Surgery

FAQs – Plastic Surgery

FAQs – Plastic Surgery

Is plastic surgery safe?

Plastic surgery is generally considered safe when performed in an accredited hospital or surgery center environment by a competent surgeon who is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. That being said, there are always risks with any type of surgical procedure; those risks will be discussed thoroughly with you during your consultation.

What is the right age to have a facelift?

There is no correct age to have a facelift or pan facial rejuvenation. Everyone ages differently based on genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle choices. If you’re thinking about a facelift but unsure if it’s the right time, we encourage you to make an appointment and visit with us to discuss your options.

Are there any other procedures that are recommended at the same time as a facelift?

Although we generally don’t try to install ideas into our patients’ minds at the time of consultation, the reality is that it often makes sense to combine certain procedures. For example, undergoing a neck lift in conjunction with a facelift or pan facial rejuvenation procedure.

Will I have scarring after plastic surgery?

Unfortunately, scarring is a consideration with any type of surgery. However, an experienced plastic surgeon is a master at hiding the scars, often rendering them barely, if at all, visible. We’ll discuss this in further detail during your office visit as the results vary depending on what type of procedure you’re having.

What is fat grafting?

Fat grafting or fat transfer, as it is also known, involves harvesting the body’s own fat to restore facial volume. Read more about the Fat Transfer process here.

How long will fat grafts last?

Fat grafts are essentially permanent fillers. Your body will resorb a portion of the fat graft over the course of the first 3-4 months after your surgery. The remaining fat will stay with you indefinitely.

How long does it take for fat grafting to take its final shape?

We recommend that patients wait for 3-4 months before the final shape of the grafts are fully realized.

Are there instances where both a brow lift and an eyelid lift are required to get a good result?

Definitely, but sometimes, a brow lift will do most of the work and only a small amount of work needs to happen on your eyelids. These facial features do not exist in a vacuum and all affect each other. Your plastic surgeon will advise you on this matter.

Why don’t you have “before” and “after” photos on your website?

We choose to not show “before and after” photos on our website out of respect for our patients’ privacy.

Once we have placed someone’s photo on our website, we no longer have control over what people on the Internet will do with that photo.

For example, if someone chooses to revoke their permission to have their photos shown after it has already been displayed online, even if we remove it from our site, it may still live elsewhere online, such as in search engine image libraries. It could even have been downloaded it a personal computer, and, unfortunately, we have no way of retrieving it.

The same thing is true with emailing photos of patients. We are commonly asked if we can email images of our patients, and again, this presents a significant security concern.

The only way we show photos of surgical results is in the office at the time of consultation or by meeting with us at a conference or meeting.

Although we apologize for any inconvenience, we are sure that you understand we have our patient’s best interest at heart with this decision. Because of this mutual level of respect, the

vast majority of our patient’s allow us to use their photos for in-office use, knowing that we will never put them online. In addition, many of our patients are happy to speak to prospective patients about their experience with us.

What is Facial Gender Confirmation or Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

Facial Feminization Surgery encompasses a wide range of reconstructive and aesthetic surgical procedures that are most often recommended for trans people who are seeking a more feminine appearance. The surgery works to transform masculine facial features into more feminine shapes and proportions. Read more about Facial Feminization Surgery here.

What is FTM Facial Masculinization Surgery?

Facial Masculinization Surgery is a range of aesthetic and reconstructive surgical procedures that reshape female facial features to appear more masculine. For some female-to-male (FTM) trans people, facial masculinization is an effective adjunct to hormonal therapy.
Read more about Facial Masculinization Surgery here.