Feminizing Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery

What is Feminizing Ear Lobe Reduction?

Feminizing Ear Lobe Reduction Surgery is a plastic surgery procedure that can be undertaken independently, or as part of more extensive Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS). This procedure aesthetically enhances the appearance of the ear lobes and cartilage, with the goal of creating an external ear that is naturally feminine-looking in proportions, contour, and appearance.

Ear Lobe Reduction (and reshaping) is an ideal solution to reshape masculine looking ears to make them more appear more feminine, and in harmony with the desired result of overall facial feminization. It is also recommended for older patients with elongated ear lobes.

How is Feminizing Ear Lobe Reduction surgery performed?

Feminizing Ear Lobe Surgery for reduction (or reshaping) is often performed in conjunction with a series of Facial Feminization Surgery procedures. Depending on your desired outcome, ear lobes may be reduced, reshaped, and cartilage may be sculpted to modify the overall contours of the ear. One or more incisions give access to the structures that need to be modified.

Feminizing an ear lobe can be achieved by reducing and reshaping a larger and longer ear–given that feminine facial features are generally more petite than male features. The ear lobe, or the peripheral lobule, is trimmed and reshaped as desired for a more feminine look.

The single most important step in feminizing an ear is crafting a smooth and natural inferior lobe border. Dr. Deschamps-Braly is known for his aesthetic finesse and understanding of what it takes to achieve consistent and aesthetic outcomes.

Will there be any post-operative scarring on the ears?

Sutures are used to reconnect and reshape the lobe. Minimal and barely perceptible scarring may occur, but will heal in a few weeks time. The wound(s) are closed with dissolvable sutures or ones that are removed after the wounds have healed.

Who is the ideal candidate for Feminizing Ear Lobe Reduction?

Older patients seeking facial feminization are typical candidates for ear lobe reduction surgery. The cartilage of the ears continues to grow throughout our lifetime. Gravity over time also causes ear lobes to sag, stretch, and enlarge, creating a condition commonly called “megalobe” — which may not look feminine, or aesthetically pleasing.

Large, pendulous ear lobes are also unattractive. Shortening and reshaping elongated lobes creates a more aesthetically pleasing and youthful feminine appearance.

While planning your procedure, Dr. Deschamps-Braly will discuss the desired appearance you seek, the technical aspects of the procedure, and the aesthetic results you can expect.