Craniofacial Surgery – Revision Procedures

What Is Corrective Craniofacial Surgery?

Corrective craniofacial surgery encompasses a wide range of revision surgeries performed to correct previous procedures to the skull, head, face, jaws and associated structures. Typically, revision craniofacial procedures are performed to correct or to improve upon a previous surgery, or a previous surgeon’s work.

Commonly Revised Craniofacial Procedures Include:

  • “Asian” V-Line Revision: Many V-Line patients are in fact “revision” patients who have had chin implants installed by unskilled or non-board certified surgeons. This is because simply inserting a chin implant will not reduce an overly square jaw or an unwanted “double chin”. Although chin implants are popular, they cannot give the same results as a well-performed V-Line procedure.
  • Genioplasty or Mentoplasty (Chin) Revision is one of the most common revision procedures we perform, usually, because the previous surgeon inserted a chin implant, and this approach has not been successful and the chin needs correcting.
  • Skull Reshaping Revision is necessary if negative results have occurred due to infection or the body’s rejection of a skull reshaping implant. Revision or correction of skull reshaping surgery is common. About 15% of all or our skull reshaping procedures are revision surgeries wherein we are asked to correct a previous surgeon’s work.
  • Masseter Muscle Revision: If previous masseter muscle surgery was not successful, or if injectable treatments such as Botox® or Dysport® were not administered by a highly trained professional (who understands the complexities of the craniofacial system) surgical, or non-surgical, revision procedures are recommended.
  • Facial Feminization Revision Surgery may involve a single plastic and/or craniofacial surgical procedure such as a forehead contouring, or a set of several procedures performed on a patient who has previously undergone facial feminization surgery.

Dr. Deschamps-braly Was Trained & Mentored By the World’s Pioneers of Craniofacial Surgery

Dr. Deschamps-Braly was trained by the world’s leading originators of craniofacial surgery, including Dr. Daniel Marchac (Paris), and Dr. Obwegeser (Zurich), Dr. Arlen Denny (US), and Dr. Douglas Ousterhout (US), the world’s pioneer of Facial Feminization Surgery and author of “Aesthetic Contouring of the Craniofacial Skeleton” (1991).

Read more about Dr. Deschamps-Braly’s background in craniofacial surgery here.

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