Skull Reshaping – Recovery Timeline and Tips

Skull Reshaping – Recovery Timeline and Tips

Even though skull reshaping (back-of-head augmentation) seems like it would be a major operation, recovery time can actually be quite rapid compared to other aesthetic craniofacial procedures. Typically most of our patients return after work 5-7 days after surgery.

Before your skull reshaping surgery you will be given specific instructions on post-op care, any medications to apply externally, or take orally, and specific concerns to watch out for, and when next to follow up with your surgeon.

The following timeline is a generalized view of what to expect post-op and may vary from person to person:

Day One Post-op

For most people the effects of the general anesthesia may actually be more disruptive to your normal life rather than the skull reshaping surgery itself. You may in fact experience some nausea caused by the anesthesia, if so please let your nurse know because there is medication you can take for this.

When you wake you’ll notice that your scalp will be dressed with a light bandage, covering any stitches or sutures along the incision line in your scalp.

Recovery time of course will vary to a certain degree depending on the individual but for most people of good health any noticeable swelling or very minimal bruising will subside within the first few days.

Take this first day off to rest and recuperate.

First Week

Two to three days after your surgery you can carefully shower and even wash your hair with a gentle soap. Any residual swelling will be almost invisible unless you are bald or have very short hair.

You should not be experiencing any pain or discomfort at all. If you are, we recommend a mild over-the-counter pain killer such as Tylenol.

Towards the end of the first week, you will return to your surgeon for your first post op appointment for removal of any sutures (stitches).

The Next Few Weeks…

Three weeks after surgery all swelling should have subsided. The surgery will take another few weeks to ‘settle in’ with final results evident at about 6-8 weeks.