Chin Reduction (Osseous Genioplasty)

What is Chin Reduction Surgery?

Chin reduction, or reduction genioplasty, is a procedure that reduces the shape of a large or prominent chin. The ideal facial shape is about balanced proportions, and for some people a large chin (macrogenia) can distort the overall appearance of the face. For example, a chin that appears too large can make other features such as the nose appear too small. Chin reduction is intended to restore natural balance to the face by altering the mandible, or lower jaw.

Am I a candidate for Chin Reduction?

Chin reduction surgery is appropriate for men and women who are generally in good health. It is for patients who have a large or protruding chin (too long or too wide), but a normal occlusion or bite. Often we use pre-surgery 3D imaging to ensure there is no interference with the roots of your lower teeth or “mental nerve”. And, as with any surgery, we will perform a full consultation with you to determine a specific course of action.

What happens during and after chin surgery?

Most genioplasty operations are performed through incisions completely inside of the mouth so that there is no external visible evidence or scarring. Through the internal incision we are able to access the structure of the chin and how much bone must be shaved or reshaped. One finished, sutures will be placed inside the lower lip.

The procedure will be performed under general anaesthesia. Depending on the complexity, it will take from one to two hours.

After chin reduction surgery, patients may feel mild pain for up to a week. However, in most cases over-the-counter painkillers will provide relief. Generally, any discomfort subsides after three to five days, and you can return to normal, non-strenuous activities after seven days.