Ear Lobe Reduction & Reshaping

What is ear lobe reduction & reshaping surgery?

Ear lobe reduction and reshaping is a reconstructive or cosmetic plastic surgery procedure that is performed to aesthetically augment, restore, and modify the ear lobes and cartilage, with the goal creating an external ear that is natural looking in proportions, contour, and appearance.

The procedure may also be used to correct disfiguration due to ear tearing, trauma or piercing, including the insertion of ear gauges. Reduction of the lobes can be done independently or as part of more extensive otoplasty.

Earlobe reduction and reshaping surgery is also an ideal solution for improving the appearance of an “aging” ear lobe.  Overtime, ears that have been subjected to heavy earring jewelry tend to stretch and become longer. Reducing elongated lobes restores natural proportion to the ears and produces a subtle but notable aesthetic improvement to your overall facial appearance.

How is ear lobe surgery performed?

Ear lobe surgery is typically performed in the operating room, or as part of a longer procedure such as a face lift or pan facial rejuvenation. The surgery involves a combination of moving, reshaping, adding, or removing structural ear elements. One or more incisions give access to the structures that need to be modified.

Ear lobe reduction is accomplished by excising a wedge or other geometric reduction of excess lobe or by simply peripheral lobule trimming. Sutures are used to reconnect and reshape the lobe to an appealing shape and size. Small scars will result, but they are hardly noticable.

The single most important step in ear lobe reduction and reshaping is crafting a smooth and natural inferior lobe border. Dr. Deschamps-Braly is known for his aesthetic finesse and understanding of what it takes to achieve consistent and aesthetic outcomes.

Ear lobe reduction or reshaping can be performed as a stand-alone procedure, or safely in conjunction with a face lift or other facial cosmetic operations (e.g. Facial Feminization).

Who is the ideal candidate for ear lobe surgery?

Ear lobe reduction and reshaping is a versatile procedure that can ease a variety of aesthetic concerns for both men and women. Enlarged ear lobes are often a part of the aging process, and, therefore, many individuals desire correction as they age.

Cartilage of the ears continues to grow as we age. Gravity over time also causes ear lobes to potentially sag, stretch, and enlarge, creating a condition commonly called “megalobe” — which may be hereditary or, in some cases, is a result of aging. Large, pendulous ear lobes often seem unattractive to many of our patients, therefore shortening and reshaping elongated lobes creates a more aesthetically pleasing and youthful appearance.

During your consultation, Dr. Deschamps-Braly will discuss the desired appearance you are seeking, the technical aspects of the procedure, and the aesthetic results you can expect.

Will there be any post-operative scarring on the ears?

Minimal scarring may occur, but it is hardly perceptible. The wound(s) are closed with either dissolvable sutures, or sutures that are removed after the wounds have healed.